Hello! I am Andrew Baillie, a Creative and Illustrator based in London. I enjoy spending a significant amount of my time away from the city, and with a notebook and pencil. 
My creative journey began with Graffiti sketch and outdoor murals when I was younger. However, I eventually discovered another (less incriminating) way to express myself with a pencil.
I have delved into various design subjects, including Architecture, Interior design, Crochet pattern design, Model making, and sculpting. Despite completing my graduate studies in Model Design & Special Effects, I still feel there is something missing.
During the lockdown, I explored new things that are now significant to me. I love cultivating new ideas through digital illustration and staying updated on colour trends. Much of my illustration work is rooted in storytelling, child-like playfulness, and my childhood experiences, which I believe enriches my creations. I draw endless inspiration from my native British Sign language, Bauhaus architecture and the Memphis movement.
I am also Deaf, and you can observe this unique perspective reflected in my work. I believe it provides a distinctive viewpoint in the world, which I express through my creative endeavours.
For commissions and other enquire you can contact me at Andrewbaillie08@gmail.com and (+44) 2038567620 (Call) / (+44)7496124825 (Text)